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Coast Paper & Ribbon Privacy Policy
Coast Paper & Ribbon Products Inc. is committed to protecting the confidentiality and integrity of personal and business information you entrust to us, as well as any information we must have access to in order to provide products and services to our customers.

We collect only Personal and Business information which is necessary or helpful for our business purposes or to comply with applicable law.

1). It will be obtained only for specific and lawful purposes and will not be further used in any manner incompatible with those purposes.

2). It will be relevant and not excessive in relation to the purpose for which it is being obtained or as otherwise required by law.

3). It will be accurate and when necessary, from time to time, updated.

4). It Will not be transferred to any other commercial source without your specific approval.

Definition of Personal Information

Personal information may include a personís name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, birth date, gender, social security number, or equivalent, and photograph and may include information concerning a personís education, employment, interests, or any other information necessary to complete a transaction or service (such as credit card or other credit information).

How long is Personal information retained?

We will retain Personal information as long as it is helpful in supporting the overall purpose(s) for which the information was provided.

Disclosure of Personal or Business Information

We will not sell, rent, or lease any personal or business information to third parties.
Unless require by applicable law, and law enforcement, no information will be provided To any external source, except in conjunction with a sale of our business to which the personal information relates.

You may call us at (714-447 Ė 0411) to address any concerns you may have about the privacy of your information if you believe that we have not adequately covered your questions herein.  
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